Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Sports Apparel Pieces are Enjoying a Great Moment in the World of Fashion

Though athleisure is something which is trending in the global fashion scene, did you know that wearing sports clothes   directly from the ground or court to the streets is another major fad which the fashion-forward crowd is carrying with confidence and poise.  Especially the women are getting highly allured by the sporty finesse these outfits offer, and hence have become highly inclined these days to wear them, be it at the gym, or  for the casual strolls.  The women players during the tournaments and matches definitely look smart and downright sexy, then why not follow them in real lives as well?  

sports apparel wholesalers

The leading sports apparel wholesalers are crafting the sports clothes in a wide array of colors and designs, so that women can style them according to their fashion preferences. 
The few trends in sports clothing which are governing the wardrobes of many are here.

Sport Bras disguised as Crop Tops 

The sports bras as introduced by the popular clothing brands are so alluring to look at, that women definitely want to have them in their collections, to bring some change in the regular crop top looks. In quirky prints and sensuous designs,  available in both soothing and bold colors,  the sports bras are highly memes rising to look at , and the kind of cuts and silhouettes they posses, make the wearer get a hot look, be it while working out or at the pool party or beach outing.   Wear them with denims, shorts and even miniskirts to reflect oomph and hotness effortlessly.

The Funky Jerseys 

The sports jerseys are worn by the women today, not just to show support to their favorite team or player, but also to carry and completely innovative and on-going fashion trend of today. They are mostly loose in fit, and come with a funky and preppy demeanor, in a silky and glossy fabric texture. Available mostly in the combination of two colors, these jerseys have different necklines and sleeve patterns to go for. Women today can wear them as dress with boots, with denims and sneakers or with skirts paired with heels!

The Cute Tennis Skorts

The tennis skorts , which happen to be the amazing fusion of skirts and shorts  look amazingly cute and adorable, and showing off your legs doesn't get better with them!  Inspired from Maria Sharapova or the William sisters, the tennis skirts come in single colors, but are perfect to be worn for casual movie dates, coffee strolls, and other lazy outings. Women can wear them with tanks in summers or with the jackets. Go for the sneakers or the high rising boots which go perfectly sexy and sporty with the tennis skorts.

Thus with the leading sports clothing manufacturers crafting these sizzling and cool outfits, how could you stay away from them and not carry a fresh new fashion statement?