Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Best Fitness Shorts – Guide to Men

The debate over the perfect fitness shorts for men has been raging since decades. The length, the fabric, the design and the shape has always been in the radar of the style police solely for the sake of keeping obscenity out of public spaces. After meticulous thoughts in this field of performance oriented clothing and considering the views of millions of people at a global scale, a sort of verdict seems to have been reached. At present, a careful guide to fitness shorts for men has been released with spoken and unspoken rules that wearers usually follow to the last word when choosing options best suited to them.
Fitness Shorts Guide for Men

To begin with the length of men’s fitness short has always been a concern not just for the wearers but for the onlookers as well. In very simple words, the days of thigh high shorts have thankfully passed. The present rule is to choose options that are around 4 inches above the knees and no more. The length of fitness shorts for men basically has nothing to do with performance. It is only the cringe-worthy look of it that has caused many onlookers to throw up and avoid gym sessions altogether.

Secondly, it is never necessary to wear bottom hugging fitness shorts while attending normal gym sessions. Figure hugging options like cycling shorts in any length whatsoever somehow looks best of women. In men, they only produce a spectacle of obscenity which has often been protested by many. If certain gymming enthusiasts seem comfortable in compression pants, it is wise to slide on a pair of normal gym pants on top of it.

Thirdly, passing everyday bottom wear as gym shorts can be very damaging. Everyday boxers, casual shorts or even track pants or pajamas for that matter should never feature as fitness wear options even if the concerned wearers work out in the privacy of their homes.

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