Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Fitness Fashion Trends That'll Help You Earn Profits This Year

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Fashion trends are bringing a lot of new trends and exciting designs in the activewear and yoga wear sphere. Along with this, wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers are also rolling out new pieces that are worth the bulk investment. Along with the updated trend factor many new features are being added to the yoga wear as well. From multi-functional outerwear to muted colors, athleisure accents and even dance inspired details. If your heart says just do it, then make sure to first invest in some quality wholesale yoga clothes this new year. Hence, read on to know more about the fashion trends that are making a lot of buzz in the fitness arena this year.

Dance Inspired Clothing

Ballet is making a comeback in yoga and activewear fashion world and people are absolutely loving it! From long-sleeved crop tops with plunging necklines and sexy open backs to ankle ties and wrap sweaters, the dancer looks are definitely going to be a yoga fashion fad this year.

Matching Solid Colors

Nothing speaks versatility more than solid colors. Even through yoga is all about aligning the chakras, fashion can actually help stable your inner fashion goddess. You can either opt for your spirit color or go for something new and fresh. Don’t forget that neon and pastels also fall under the solid color scheme.

Cut Outs And Sheer Fabrics

Speaking of cut outs and sheer fabrics, this edgy and attractive trend of the 90’s has made a comeback in the fitness fashion sphere. Sheer which roughly translates into mesh is not only pretty stylish in appearance but functionally appropriate as well. These helps in proper ventilation during hot yoga too. Cut outs do the same task too.

Leotard Love

Leotards are probably the most flexible and stretchable thing you can wear for the yoga class. In fact, this is not just for the general yoga that we do on floor. Aerial yoga can become a lot simpler with the help of fitted leotards. Ideally these should be made with sweat-resistant fabric otherwise slip-ups may occur.

Retailers who want to include yoga apparel wholesale in their store should get in touch with wholesale yoga clothing distributors. All you need to do is look through the inventory for pieces that are worth the bulk investment. Then state the MOQ of the same to the help team.

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