Tuesday, 13 October 2020

How To Look After Your Dancewear

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With so many rehearsals and recitals, you need to look after your dancewear to make sure it lasts a long time and you get the most out of them. If you don’t look after your wholesale dance apparel, it can add to the wear and tear, limiting the lifespan.

We have made a list comprising the most common elements of a dancer’s attire and how to clean them.


The biggest task in cleaning tutus is to stop them from being crushed by other garments. To clean a simple tutu, fill a bathtub or large sink with tepid water and a small bit of a gentle detergent. Swish the tutu softly through the water. Empty the tub and top up with clean water to wash. Take away the tutu, shake lightly to get rid of as much water as possible, and then drape to air dry.

If there is a metal hoop in the tutu, it must be removed before cleaning. The metal can rust and damage the tutu. If there is extra trim, it must be removed to stop fading. Sequins and beads that are stuck on and not hand-sewn might come off during cleaning.


At all times look at the tag and cleaning instructions before trying to take out stains. For perspiration and heavy body soil, use a solution of cold water and bleach. Follow the guidelines on the bleach bottle then absorb the leotard at least for two hours, or if the stains are worse, overnight then clean them as usual.

Leggings And Tights

All leggings and tights must, preferably, be hand washed using cold water with a mild detergent. If you have to wash them inside a washer, they must be placed in a mesh bag before being placed. Use a mild cycle, cold water, and a gentle detergent. Do not put them inside the dryer, air dry away from straight heat. If they need to be dried quicker, use the air to just tumble cycle on the dryer.

Business owners and retailers if you want to add premium-quality dancewear besides your regular wholesale sportswear apparel make sure you are sourcing your products from the very best manufacturer in the industry.

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