Thursday, 10 March 2022

Ways To Wear Activewear To Work

You're not alone if you like the thought of wearing something super-casual and super-comfortable to work. However, rigid corporate dress codes find it impossible to step outside of tailored suits and no-nonsense separates. However, there are several professional settings that take a decidedly low-key approach to style. Would you, though, wear athletic wear wholesale to work? It's doable! Here are a few ideas to think about.

Choose The Tops Carefully

Any women's summer tops that you would usually use for jogging or yoga can be worn to work. Patterned tank tops and T-shirts, for instance, work well as layering bits under sweaters or blazers, breaking up the monotony of solid colors.

Embrace The Tunic

The tunic is one of the most durable garments you'll ever wear. It blurs the fine lines that distinguish streetwear from business clothes, making it simple to switch from the gym to the office or vice versa on a busy day where you don't have time for a full wardrobe shift.

Play Out With Joggers

Joggers are the modern-day equivalent to the tried-and-true yoga pant. They're essentially tapered pants with the same relaxed vibe and attractiveness as your average off-duty sweatpants. Joggers, on the other hand, are more flexible because they come in a range of materials. You are not limited to standard fleece, which is more suited for lounging and running errands.

Look For Specifics

Key info will make a sporty top or bottom look even more office-appropriate. However, the right look is often heavily influenced by the color you pick. Brighter, more weekend-friendly colors, such as vibrant greens, purples, pinks, and yellows, do not perform as well in the office.

Put On Your Leggings

Leggings are among the most fashionable clothing items available. They're stretchy and easy to wear, and they go with everything from slim tunics to boyfriend cardigans. There are also ways to integrate them into your professional wardrobe! You might opt to wear them if you're going straight from work to the gym, or if you're meeting friends for a casual dinner after hours.

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