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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

3 Stylish Ways to Wear Tracksuits in 2017

Consisting a jacket and trouser in the same shade, tracksuits were a popular sports item. When we take a look at the history of tracksuits, from the perspective of fashion, it was only during the 1970s that they were accepted as a clothing piece outside the gym. But it was the 1980s (the era we all want to live in!) when the trend of wearing tracksuits gained momentum. The stars would wear them on TV shows, providing us with enough inspiration. However, the trend was short-lived only and faded away. But again, in the 90s, it made a comeback in mainstream fashion scenes with them being designed for both men and women. Top echelon brands started making them in bulk and stores sold them like candies. Everyone in the 90s wanted a tracksuit! But once again, the fashion died away with the entry of 2000s. Since the inception of athleisure, the trend of wearing them has made a stellar return.

Custom Personalised Tracksuits

Now that we know the history of tracksuits, let us understand how to dress them. Read the list given below for they contain three uber stylish ways to dress a tracksuit.

  •  Since the mercury is already rising at a rapid pace, go a little easy on the entire ensemble. Use a sports bra inside and wear custom personalised tracksuits over it. Keep the jacket unzipped to maintain a sexy guise. Opt for lighter shades to keep yourself cool and calm. Wear a nice pair of sneakers under and walk out in style. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, while to your style quotient. 

  •  Try something different as the canvas of a tracksuit allows you to add your own imagination to it. So instead of going full tracksuit, use the pants and team it with a crop top when going for a causal gathering. Use a pair of pumps to elevate your stature. Add some junk jewellery for that extra dash of bling. 

  •   This time, pick the jacket instead of the pants and combine it with a pair of skater skirt and tee. Tuck in the t-shirt inside the skirt and throw over the jacket. A pair of boots will make you look like a winner. You can use a hat to get that edgy finish. Keep the rest of the look simple to look spontaneous and natural. 

Thus, given how popular tracksuits have become over the last few years, you should invest in one today and take some serious inspiration to dress them correct. If styled appropriately, tracksuits will become your new ‘it’ piece. Prominent manufacturers have a vast inventory featuring custom personalised tracksuits that can be purchased by retailers. Registering with them today will secure massive discounts.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Things to Remember by Retailers to Track the Right Tracksuits from Girls Tracksuit Manufacturer

Navy and Light Blue Girls Tracksuit

With fashion scene changing every day, there are items which never go out of style. Tracksuits for women are becoming predominant in the market today due to their high level of comfort and style. When it comes to fitness workout sessions in the gym or aerobics or sports trainings, tracksuits fulfil all our desires. With celebrities being marked and observed in these cool outfits, it has become a recent fashion trend today. Retail stores are looking into a lot of matters while ordering from a girl’s tracksuit manufacturer to refurbish their stocks from time-to-time.
Pink and Black Gils Tracksuit
A tracksuit should compute on its comfort level. If it is not convenient to slip into, it loses its identity. Retailers must bank on those tracksuits which give a feel of utmost relaxation. They should be easily put on and put off, with flexibility and stretch-ability. With properly shapes neck and enough pockets, they should target at every requirement. Also, befitting zippers are imperative when it comes to fitness clothing. Retailers must venture into collections of tracksuits which don’t compromise on the comfort level. Ranging from its fit to the waist band shape and structure (elastic/cord), each and every intricate detailing should be ideal.

Pink and Black Girls Track Suit
The color scheme is a thing to look for when it comes to betting on tracksuits from wholesalers and distributors. From classic colors of grey and navy blue, to a must have in black, there should be ample options in a retail store. Colors help to express one's personality, so business owners should keep this in mind while stocking their collections. Girls love shades of purple, pink, green and other vibrant hues. Stripes and contrasting colored panels deliver zest and fervor to a woman. Hence while going for ordering a set of tracksuits for women from a girls tracksuit manufacturer, retailer must note the variation of colors to woo customers.

The quality of a tracksuit depends on the thickness of the fabric. Hence, retailers must look into its quality to ensure better sales. The fabric must be good enough to call for minimum ironing, so that one doesn't need to look after the creases again and again. Also, they should be washable, and the clothing's color and quality must not fade away with detergents. A good quality tracksuit will always retain its material quality and color. Retailers and business owners must introspect into the above mentioned three factors. Tracksuits becoming a notable trend for girls, should never compromise on their comfort level or recent trends. While sprucing up their stocks, retailers must ensure a renowned girls tracksuit manufacturer.